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ComptInfo Informatique|Computer

IT and technology

ComptInfo Informatique|Computer
Computer science
ComptInfo Informatique|Computer
ComptInfo Informatique|Computer
ComptInfo Informatique|Computer
ComptInfo Informatique|Computer
ComptInfo Informatique|Computer
Computer support

Windows reinstallation

Windows reinstallation includes:  

  • Preservation of your data

  • Complete hard drive removal

  • Windows reinstallation (with your valid activation key)

  • Reinstalling drivers

  • Installation of basic programs


Data backup

We do data backup as well as data restoration on obsolete devices. 

We can also fetch data from an old working hard drive from a machine that you no longer use.


Cleaning (Debug)

If your computer is slow  or slower than usual, it may contain a virus. Let us do a thorough cleaning  of the machine to be certain that you no longer run any risk!


Other services:  ​

  • Network configuration (multimedia, Wi-Fi,...)

  • Installing programs

Home service: $50.00 / h
Website design
$100.00 / hour

We work with Microsoft Access and Excel to create tools that facilitate management in companies.

$450.00 + $100.00 / hour

We do business  with multiple suppliers in order to offer the best possible service to the  lower cost.

The website is built with



Store connecté
Média connecté
Lumière automatique
Intérrupteur automatique
Chauffage connecté
Configuration avec commande vocal
ComptInfo Informatique|Computer

Configuration and explanation of  "DIY" (Do It Yourself) systems

We are able to configure most connected devices  available at big box stores!

Business cards and flyers

Billboard, flyers, business card...

We design what you need!

50.00$ / hour
50.00$ / hour
ComptInfo Informatique|Computer
Marketing for business

Images from high  quality


We can make very large images  resolution or others equally small  only icons.  

Use of free software


We use Gimp 2.10, free software available to everyone at no annual cost.

50.00$ / hour
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