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Connected home

Activate movie night mode

Configuring home automation

With a single keyphrase, run  several connected devices in the house.

For example, "Turn on movie night mode": 

  • Dim the living room lights;

  • Increase heating for better comfort;

  • Turn on the television;

  • Close the curtains;

  • Turn off the current music;

  • Turn off disturbing lights.


We have done a lot of research on home automation in order to arrive  to  mixed  perfect between "DIY" (Do It Yourself) suppliers.

We can make suggestions between the devices you will find in local supermarkets or even arrive at your home with all the necessary equipment.

Contact us for more details.


We are able to install and configure most devices available on the market.

Check compatibility?

When the time comes to get  these connected devices, do not forget to check their compatibility.

Ideal if all devices are compatible together.

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